TWIBB (This Week In BarBingo) 11/17/23

Top Ten Highest Attended Shows Of The Week!

10. Northwoods Falls in Valparaiso, hosted by Alex, had 62 players

9. Time Out in Countryside, hosed by Dominick, had 64 players

8. R Bar in Highland (Tues), hosted by Farrah, had 70 players

7. Moretti’s in Hoffman Estates, hosted by Staff, had 72 players

6. Moretti’s in Morton Grove, hosted by Maurie, had 74 players

5. The Piazza in Aurora, hosted by Bryan, and

              Marcus Palace Cinema in Sun Prairie, WI, hosted by Staff, both had 76 players

4. R Bar In Highland (Thurs), hosted by Jill, had 82 players

3. Moretti’s in Barrington, hosted by Joe, and

Marcus Ronnie’s Cinema in St. Louis, MO, hosted by Staff, both had 96 players

2. JJ Madisons in Mesa, AZ, hosted by Denise, had 107 players

1. Langel’s in Highland, hosted by Jill, had 108 players

Live Bingo Prizes:

11/11                  Marcus Theatre Tix (4), at At the Office, won by Rebecca G.

11/11                  Vegas Plaza Stay, at Time Out, won by Ann H.

11/13                  $5 Starbucks, at Mugshots, won by Denise P.

11/13                  $5 Starbucks, at Underpass, won by Russ

11/14                  $5 Starbucks, at Northside Tap, won by Benjamin B.

11/14                  $5 Starbucks, at Rodney’s, won by TRAVIS C.

11/14                  $5 Starbucks, at Beggars Orland, won by Ruta V.

11/14                  $5 Starbucks, at Moretti’s Barrington, won by Marie W.

11/14                  Project Good Apparel, at Moretti’s Barrington, won by Ashley M.

11/14                  Vegas Plaza Stay, at Moretti’s Barrington, won by Alan K.

11/14                  $50 Play Here, Win Here!, at Anastasia’s, won by John S.

11/14                  Marcus Theatre Tix (4), at Danny’s Pizza, won by Judy H.

11/14                  $50 Have a Ham, at 92 Drinks & Eats, won by Myrna S.

11/14                  Lockport Escape Room, at Bronze Eagle, won by Jose M.

11/15                  $5 Starbucks, at Filling Station, won by Monique M.

11/15                  $5 Starbucks, at Marcus Ronnie’s, won by Janis G.

11/15                  $5 Starbucks, at Circle Tavern, won by Kate C.

11/15                  Project Good Apparel, at Cindy’s              , won by Mary Kay V.

11/15                  $50 Play Here, Win Here!, at Marcus Gurnee, won by Sheri M.

11/15                  Prize Closet Cleanup, at Marcus Ronnie’s, won by Mackenzie B.

11/16                  Project Good Apparel, at The Evergreen, won by Sue M.

11/16                  Keurig Mini Coffee Maker, at Handlebar Café, won by Lynne Z.

11/16                  Keurig Mini Coffee Maker, at Bridges Scoreboard , won by Jody S.

11/16                  Vegas Plaza Stay, at R Bar, won by Kathleen B.

Upcoming Shows:

Friday, 11/17:                   Mail Pouch Saloon in Swanton, OH starts Music Bingo at 6:30pm

                                           Moretti’s in Mt. Prospect starts Bingo at 7:30pm

Saturday, 11/18:              Chitiva in Worth is bringing Bingo back starting at 5pm

Sunday, 11/19:                 Buona Beef in Glen Ellyn starts Bingo at 3pm

Monday, 11/20:               American Legion in Chicago Ridge starts Bingo at 6pm

Tuesday, 11/21:               Mak’s House in Lagrange starts Bingo at 6pm

Sunday, 11/26:                 Buona Beef in Skokie starts Bingo at 3pm

Monday, 11/27:               Wok N Fire in Burr Ridge starts Bingo at 6pm

                                           Wok N Fire in South Barrington starts Bingo at 8pm

Tuesday, 11/28:               Wok N Fire in St. Charles starts Bingo at 6pm

Wednesday, 11/29          Branding Iron in Bridgeview starts Bingo at 7pm

Thursday, 11/30:              Lucky Quarter’s in Fremont, OH starts Music Bingo at 6:30pm

Friday, 12/1:                     Zeina’s Place in Toledo, OH starts Music Bingo at 7:30pm

Sunday, 12/3:                   Buona Beef in St. Charles starts at 3pm

Wok N Fire in Wheaton starts Bingo at 6pm

Tuesday, 12/5:                 Iron Horse Bar & Grill in Algonquin starts Bingo at 6pm

                                           Time Out in Cedar Lake, IN starts Bingo at 6pm