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Kool97 CouchBingo

is a new sweepstakes spin on a very old game. Kool97FM listeners are invited to play on their devices from home for prizes supplied by local businesses. All this while listening to their favorite Kool97FM on air personalities calling the numbers!

FreeN’ Fun CouchBingo has partnered with Jamaica’s hottest radio station Kool97FM!

Together we have created a wonderful game that can be played on tablets, phones and desktops! Watch the helpful video to tips on how to register and play.

(Please see links for all below) COUCH-BINGO-FLYER-1 Kool CouchBingo

Here are some helpful

Dos and Don’ts 

Watch video above, it’s also available after logging into app, for instructions on how to play.

Press chat to open chat room and speak with other players.

Customize your marker color in the settings area, if desired

Listen to Kool97FM for game days and times!

Sit back and have fun!

Register more than one account, this will be seen as cheating and will void any wins.

Hit “Call Bingo” button unless you have one

Bully or treat another player or our sponsors with disrespect.

Forget to have fun! website-tiles-1280-x-100-kool-couch-bingo-2 Kool CouchBingo

Click on which device you want to register for
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Corporate office address: 12740 Cal Sag Rd., Suite#3, Crestwood, IL 60418 (Not Open To Public) ilba-logo-200x200-1 Kool CouchBingo IGMOA-logo Kool CouchBingo Main-Street-Logo_600 Kool CouchBingo BGLC-edit-670x450-removebg-preview Kool CouchBingo